Dino Runes by Kerstin Bratsch

Dino Runes by Kerstin Bratsch

Syz Art Jewels presents “Dino Runes” by Kerstin Brätsch

Bringing new life to the conservative format of jewelry display and presentation, Suzanne Syz, founder of Syz Art Jewels, invites contemporary artists to re-envision the jewelry box or display as sculpture.

For the fourth year project in this ongoing series, she invited the German New York based artist Kerstin Brätsch.

An innovative artist known for her interest in older hand made techniques such as large marbling paper or stained glass productions made in collaborations with master craftsmen. By bringing vernacular practices in her work today, she produces anachronistic pairings that push the conversation around contemporary painting forward.

For Syz Art Jewels booth, she produced an all over wall paper environment based on images of marble stones and “marbling”, a process with water and ink which forms a visual imitation of stone. She superimposes on this background 3D renderings of dinosaurs, symbolizing an extinguished ancient life versus new technology.

In addition, she designed six unique amorphous glass jewelry cases filled with volcanic stones. For Brätsch, the connections between these natural materials create a dialogue as old as the diamonds present at the beginning of mother earth. Those stones used for jewelry survive till today exhaling their telluric vibrations and vibrant presence.

Nicolas Trembley