Her Ben Watch


“Her Ben” watch : 42mm diameter, 10mm thick, White Agath, Black Onyx, 478 Diamonds (1.70 carats), in Titanium, Rose or White gold. Double buckle in gold and bands in stingray. Limited edition of 8 per colors.

Movement: Self-winding mechanical with micro rotor created by Manufacture Vaucher: VMF 5401, 2.6mm thick, 30mm diameter and 26 rubies.

For the very first time, Suzanne Syz Art Jewels is launching a watch. In her philosophy of exclusivity and excellence, Suzanne Syz choose to create a secret watch with the very best of Swiss Savoir Faire. In a limited edition of 8 pieces per color, this timepiece is declined in 3 different materials. Blue Titanium, Rose Gold and White gold.

In her research of perfection, Suzanne Syz decided to implement a high quality mechanism in her first jewelry watch. Vaucher Manufacture, based in Geneva, came up with an ultra thin self-winding mechanism with a mini rotor (revealed by a glass at the back of the watch). Assembled and exclusively produced in Geneva, this watch brings together the excellence of the Geneva Savoir Faire in Haute Joaillerie and Horlogerie. A première for a Jewelry watch!

Behind the beautiful design and execution of the artisans is hidden an interrogation on time and image. Suzanne Syz wanted to create a watch reflecting the XXI Century.
The watch visible on the wrist reflects the time that stands still, while the inner watch, revealed by pressing the pusher, shows the time passing. In a world were appearances prevail on truth and time, “Her Ben” watch interrogates the values of the XXI Century.


Benjamin Franklin.

Constructed as a photography with a positive dial (that stands still) and a negative dial where time passes, “Her Ben” watch is a timepiece that reunites all the passions of Suzanne Syz: Uniqueness, Art, exceptional Savoir faire, and a sense of humor.