Design Miami-Basel 2018

“Magnifying” by Sylvie Fleury

Bringing new life to the conservative format of jewelry display and presentation, Suzanne Syz, founder of Syz Art Jewels, invites contemporary artists to re-envision the jewelry box as sculptures.

In her third project in this ongoing series, Magnifying, with the Swiss artist Sylvie Fleury, the artist not only designed a jewelry box in a shape she has been working with for many years, but also created an immersive environment that interacts with the work to create a Happening, incorporating the visitor into the work and bringing the project to a new dimension. Visitors become jewels themselves when interacting with Fleury’s installation, whether sitting on a blow-up brooch display or looking at themselves in the mirror of a giant watch holder, while nearby a huge earring stand serves as a sculpture. “It is possible that at times we’ve all dreamt about diving into a shop window”, says Fleury. “These objects take on the size of our imagination and Suzanne Syz magnifies that with her jewels.”


June 11th to 17th, Stand C04, Messe Basel